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      Welcome to my collection of embroidery.

      This is just a sample of some of the work that I have done.  Aside from embroidery I have designed and created many quilts, some of them are embroidered, others are created with applique. I have also made bridesmaids dresses and designed my own embroidered material for ball gown dresses.  Over time I will add to this collection.

      If you check out my facebook and instagram you will also see more of my collection and some of the latest work I have done for clients.

      I hope you enjoy the collection

      Regards Lynette


    • As seen at the top of this page, this AFL quilt is a one off quilt where each part has been digitised and embroidered.

    • This is an example of the AFL logo created through our digitising software.

    • The logo for the Bribie Island Country Music Club embroidered on a tee shirt